Do you react with Fight or Flight?

The purpose of this site is to take a deeper look at our fight and flight reactions to relational trouble. You have been struck and violated with words, or you strike and violate others with them, or both. Let’s think about the thoughts that precede the words you use or don’t use in your communication and see with fresh eyes how we might stop the cycle of hurting or hiding out.

Explore six relationship stages that we can find ourselves in at one time or another in hopes that one or more of them will resonate with you and point you to truth and reconciliation:

Anticipated | New  | Old  | Broken  | Bruised  | Grateful

Keep reading. Keep thinking. Keep praying.

Anticipated Relationship

A woman with child who is afraid she doesn’t know how to be a mother, and wants to use her imagination for what her life could be like with a son or daughter.

“Hidden in what could seem elementary – the ABCs – is depth and opportunity.”
~Cheryl Reinhardt, Parenting and Creativity Coach, January, 2005~

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New Relationship

A new mom who is troubled by her lack of connection to her newborn first child and wants to be interested in this new life.

“Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out.”
~Proverbs 20:5, KJV~

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Old Relationship

An elderly woman whose memory is declining as bitterness threatens to take root, has a glimpse of hope as she remembers that she can frame differently how (not if) she incorporates her children into her world.

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Broken Relationship

An adult child or parent has been neglected or rejected and they are estranged from one another. But one desires to initiate the restoration of closeness and connection.

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Bruised Relationship

An adult child or parent is discouraged at being repeatedly misunderstood; he/she feels awkward and strained in his/her relationships and wants insight on how to break the ice.

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Grateful Relationship

Even though life hasn’t always been easy, one can still have a heart that wells up with gratitude toward one who has consistently inspired confidence and shown love over time.

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