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Singing Psalm 126 to be living the dream in the wake of a  nightmare

Singing Psalm 126 to be living the dream from captivity to voluntary dependence

Are you stuck?

If so, is it in your thinking, emotions, work, rest? Is it in your reluctant ability to do activities of daily living?

Is it that you are unable to tune out voices who, predatory, competitive, or well-meaning, misunderstand you and are unhelpful?

On top of your troubles, is your loneliness like mud icing on a dirt cake you are forced to eat, unable to hear Jesus calling you who are weary to come to him for rest?

It is beyond words how singing Psalm 126 can move you such that whatever it is, follower of Jesus, you want to voluntarily depend on him. That’s what you were created to do.

No longer captive, you are now free to run into his arms and receive all he has for you thankfully.

He will lead you to trust that, unlike anyone or anything else you have turned to, he will care for your every need until he brings you home.

Living the dream means you come to Jesus to be awakened from your nightmares and you walk through pain revived with a new end in sight.

Singing Psalm 126 to be living the dream moving from the desert to the stream

Do others look at your lack of health, career, position, or money and use that to think less of you? You are not living the dream in their eyes.

Yet when you grow in your faith in response to your suffering, you display that who you are isn’t determined nor can it be measured by outward worldly or spiritual successes.

You are living the dream when you can “bear your bag of seed” as you sow it with tears joyfully looking toward the abundant harvest to come as promised in Psalm 23:

The Lord has furnished a table for you in the presence of your foes (sin, Satan, death). He anoints your head with oil (honoring you). Your cup overflows.

He shepherds well. You follow him well. Your shame is turned to honor. Your perceived lack becomes satisfaction. Your wounds are mended beyond recognition.

You can imagine that whatever is edible and drinkable is unimaginably wonderful beyond comparison. Your fellowship cake is most delicious with the Lord himself as the icing on top.

Singing Psalm 126 to be living the dream tearfully sowing to joyfully reaping

Adam and Eve were able to sin themselves out of the garden forsaking the dependence they were created to have on the Lord and opting for independence instead. You, follower of Jesus, are not able to sin yourself out of the garden.

For the joy set before him, Jesus sowed alone in blood-sweat and tears. He became the seed that died and produced the highest quality harvest: all those he transformed through suffering who are his forever. He turns your tears to laughter.

To be given the grace to gratefully receive the life Jesus bought for you and to meaningfully point those still in captivity to him, now that is living the dream.

June 10, 2022


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