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Singing Psalm 39 when you are left speechless

You have no words – no good ones, anyway. You have been left speechless by a turn of events, unexpected obstacles to plans you were counting on, distance in relationships you thought would be close. You are without words. You are thrown for a loop, saddened by a loved one’s betrayal, sickened that you are tempted to pull back your love. Words can’t do justice to express your sorrow. At least this time, you are careful to restrain uttering words of resentment.

Where do you run to? The fridge? The medicine cabinet? The gym? The doctor? The bar?

Singing Psalm 39 to wait when you are left speechless

This singer waits when he is left speechless. He somehow knows his troubles are lighter and more brief than they seem. His hope in what lies ahead lifts him above his current circumstances.

He waits with expectation that he will ultimately meet the Lord not with the angry gaze he deserves, but with merciful, gracious deliverance from his sin and from the scorn of those whose hope is only in what they can get out of this fleeting world.

Singing Psalm 39 to worship when you are left speechless

This singer runs to worship the one he waits for to bring him through all his troubles. The hard times, he knows, are merely good abrasive scrubbing brushes that reveal that there is a depth of stain so deep, they drive us to worship the only one who can remove it without a trace. 

Once you meet Jesus who removes the plagues of your heart, your tongue once left speechless, now loosens with words of praise overflowing out from your heart through your lips. Your mouth can’t help but worship the one true, triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He continually works good from evil.

Singing Psalm 39 to wonder when you are left speechless

Once he reveals it and you see his truth and endurance next to your deceptions and life that is likened to a breath or mist, rather than being left speechless, you cannot help but sing his praises. You are continually in awe of him who, though so great and beyond you, chooses to make his home with you and teach you his gentle, humble ways.

“Hear my prayer, O Lord,

    and give ear to my cry;

Hold not your peace at my tears!” ~ Psalm 39:12

April 22, 2022


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