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A Tool for Parents to Connect

Repair & Strengthen Relationships with Your Children




Is a Lack of Communication Creating Family Tension?

A feeling of disconnection can cause conflict and stress.

Transform Your Relationships

Your Children Need You

Build Rapport

Restore Connection

Have Fun Again

Increase Trust

Enjoy Family Time


Sense of Purpose





You and your family can have peace and harmony.

Equip yourself to build a bridge to those you love.


Let's talk about your journey


Follow the Journal


Reconnect with your children

"The ABCs Journal is thought provoking and gentle. It encourages critical self-reflexivity and is written in a style that would allow a busy parent to just pick up and go."

Mother of 4, author

Rosaria Butterfield

"ABCs Connection is an innovative and original approach to develop meaningful relations between children and parents of any age."

Mother of 4

Catrin Joyner

"As I have looked at your book, it grows richer for me. Hidden in what could seem elementary – the ABCs – is depth and opportunity."

Parenting Coach

Cheryl Reinhardt


Your Key to Connection

Many parents feel a disconnect with their children that causes family stress, but when they build a bridge of connection with their children, it establishes a rapport that transforms relationships.

The Power of Relationship

Our passion is to help parents navigate the journey toward better relationships with their children.


We want to help you avoid some of the common mistakes and guide you toward achieving your goal of having emotionally healthy children.

Reach out to us with any questions and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

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