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Becoming a Friend

How often I’ve suffered unnecessarily waiting working thinking I was all alone while becoming a friend seemed out of reach.

All the while missing that the most desirable one is right here with me closer than my very thoughts he first befriended me making his home with me:

a lovely home, a peaceful home, filled with joyful sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches where calming thoughts of love and redemption are savored.

Grace and mercy replace the former angst and quips. Indeed, amidst the rubble, here, now, Eden bettered, the new begins.

There’s time now

for those

who were once set aside

to attend to things




He manifests himself with his Father. The Spirit calls it to mind that he makes his home with me. These three, the most desirable one! Nothing is the same. Each moment with wonder tenderly unwrapping this precious and indescribable gift of life.

Whatever else happens suddenly nothing is the same.

In my 40th year in the desert, I can sense the promised land within me and am becoming a friend in the home that one God, Father, Son, and Spirit has come inside to make with me.

November 11, 2021

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