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Diversify or Defend?

This article just came to my inbox yesterday from Pastor Phil Pockras. It gets at the challenge it is to get clear on our faith in Christ and in His Word, how easy it is to entertain ideas that contradict truth in the name of truth, and how important it is to know where you stand (internally finding words like this that we can think on to solidify our faith in Christ) and to be willing to take a stand (finding the words to reason externally like this helping others solidify their faith in Christ).

For more food for thought on undivided allegiance to and affection for Christ, Creator and King, the One true Triune God, inseparably united with the Father and the Spirit, please listen to what I heard Sunday from Pastor Gabe Fluhrer: and

I grew up hearing “for Christ’s sake” mindlessly spoken in vain as an expression of annoyance and thought nothing of it at that time. (Jersey girl). I could not have imagined then what depth of meaning those words would have on me now, and what they will ultimately have on my life as I remember with gratitude what He suffered for my sake and as I consider each day what I will endure for the sake of Christ. My problem hasn’t been that I question whether Jesus is good and great. It’s been in missing the unsearchable depths of how good and how great.


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