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June Morning

Fixing ground pork and apple sliders for breakfast, I first remove the casing from the sausages not wanting “edible collagen” today. While the sliders are cooking, I call to get the address to return the pool key that no longer works so we can get a new one. The four of us eat these sliders with a fried egg on top, mine runny, and a dash of hot sauce. I prepare for cleaning the aftermath of cooking and place an empty egg carton in the car to return. I address the envelope, include the defunct pool key, write out a Father’s Day card, take both out to the mailbox, and return the trash and recycle bins from the road to the side of the house, remembering to notice the colorful flowers along the way. As the beef bone broth is strained, I think of dinner and ask if certain chili peppers are too hot to include in the Chili Colorado. “Yes.” “Thank you.” Compost bin is overflowing. Grab a shovel, dig a hole, dump it in, and bury it. Sing Psalm 115. Look over notes and attempt to make a decision on the topic of the day. What should I write about? Everyday battles? Locus of control? The fact that true leadership is in fact servant-hood? Anger management? Identity reassessment? Worship realignment? Covenant thinking? So much to choose from. I trust the time will present itself for all of these topics as God directs. “He is my help and shield.” Helping my daughter get ready to bike, while my husband and son play catch on a break from work before lunch…”Are you watching, Mom?” “Yes!” I answer loudly to be sure she hears my reply.

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