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Desire healthy relationships? Listen.

Do you desire healthy relationships? Listen. My goal is to help you to be heard. But that’s not my end goal but only a means to my end goal. My end goal is to help you to hear yourself so that you are freed up to hear others, really listen to the loved ones in your lives, your friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

As you connect with yourself, get comfortable with your inner thought life, sift through the myriad of thoughts. As you slow down enough to consider each thought when placed up next to your goals, you can decide if this thought will take you either toward or away from those goals. Reject some thoughts, accept some thoughts. Rather than allowing your thoughts to direct you, you will find that you can direct them. This will help you connect with yourself for the greater purpose of connecting with and seeing how you can be a blessing to others.

If you decide to use the ABCs Journal as a tool to help you desire healthy relationships? Listen. Pay attention to your thoughts as you look through it. You might not want to ask yourself:

  1. “What do most people I know think?”

  2. “What have we always done?”

  3. “What’s in it for me?”

  4. “How can I get people to think more about me or idolize me?

Instead, you might want to ask yourself:

  1. “How can I listen for the unmet need, and seek to meet it?”

  2. “Is there someone that comes to mind that I need to

  3. gently confront?”

  4. be willing in my heart to forgive if they come to me and repent?”

  5. show gratitude toward?”

  6. “How can I deny myself in order to give to another without losing who I am in the other?”

Do you really desire healthy relationships? Listen. Make a note on your calendar to schedule the activity.

You might want to ask yourself: To what is this word or phrase a sign, and where or to whom is the sign pointing me toward?

For more sign posts to help you desire healthy relationships? Listen. Please dig in to the articles under the Author’s Reflections and Helpful Links pages or the posts on the right sidebar.


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