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Love – desiring a capacity for closeness

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Love – desiring a capacity for closeness

capacity for closeness

Your capacity for closeness can be a slippery slope

You cannot always avoid conflict, and once in it, Ken Sande’s, The Peacemaker, offers solutions diagrammed as the slippery slope below teaching responsive, resolving, reactive love.

capacity for closeness

The Slippery Slope

Your capacity for closeness can be an upward climb

But oftentimes you can make peace by planning peace well enough to bypass serious conflict and go straight to joy (Proverbs 12:20b). A capacity for closeness is a gift that looks like initiating, anticipating, proactive, deliberate, intentional love. It is a gift from the triune God that takes effort, grace, prayer, and sacrifice. It is walking with Jesus as he walked and is diagrammed as the upward climb below. By denying ‘me first’ thinking, you can grow your desire for a capacity for closeness with a sense of purpose and joy.

capacity for closeness

The Upward Climb

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