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Singing Psalm 10 to know who to trust

Singing Psalm 10 to recognize who to trust

We were made to be dependent on our Creator and were not made to know evil. The ‘umbilical cord’ from God, if you will, connects each person to life and therefore ought not be severed.

Since our nature is this dependent, we are unable to stand on our own. That’s not a put down. It’s a fact. We are either depending on God who is good, or the devil who is evil. Any philosophy opposing God, whether it be directing you to depend on self or any other person except God, is evil. It might not sound evil, but if you listen well to Jesus (Matthew 11:28-30), it is easy to discern.

Who to trust? “Stand on your own two feet” sounds good if it were possible. But although we were made ‘very good,’ we were made with a dependent frame. Any time you try to break that dependence in the name of “standing up for myself,” you are right then depending on the devil.

This is especially clear when you defend yourself and reject another in anger since anger only exists in the presence of evil – either the evil you see outside of yourself that you are rightfully against, or the evil you have within. If within, the dependence is on the devil. That’s who you are following. Awareness, “watch and pray,” can move you to turn toward following the rightful Father who made you, and to turn away from following the thieving father who cares nothing for you.

Singing Psalm 10 to know there is a battle for who to trust

Singing Psalm 10 paints a clear picture of how those who are following the devil think and behave, and of the composer who knows God’s ways and wants to follow him in the face of opposition. The reason you have to watch and pray is that you are constantly in this battle. The Word of God and the Holy Spirit will teach you as the writer of Hebrew shares, to have your “powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.” (5:14)

The spiritual forces of evil are more powerful than man and can deceive you as if they were angels of light. This is what drives you to commit yourself to God who helps the oppressed and the fatherless. He protects them from those who commit themselves to the thieving father that they “may terrify no more” and might even turn to glorify the only true, good Father. Those who start out as your enemies just might become your friends. With God, this is possible.

Who to trust? He showed his true colors when he gave himself for you.

“You hear, O Lord, the longing of the meek;

Their heart you strengthen;

You incline your ear.” ~ Psalm 10:17

March 27, 2022


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