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Singing Psalm 122 to pursue peace

Singing Psalm 122 to plan as you pursue peace in God’s house

“Let us make our pilgrim journey, then the Lord‘s house we will see.” Psalm 122:2

God planned a place where his people could convene, encourage one another as we fight the good fight of faith in the Lord Jesus. You pursue peace and help others to find strength in the Lord in their trials. 

Therefore, despite its imperfection and awkward encounters as we get through the cobwebs of learning to communicate on a meaningful level with one another, you ought to plan to be in God’s house. God grants peace to those who follow his plan for peace trusting him even when it feels like a war within.

God, the Father, Jesus, God the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit model diversity in unity for us, his people, his church, the body of Christ. Let us not forsake assembling together but look to him for how to do this well.

Singing Psalm 122 to speak truth as you pursue peace in God’s house

A far cry from just saying a cursory “peace be with you” to someone who is next to you at the worship service, you now pursue peace in earnest as you seek the well-being of each one in your church family with all your heart. 

You are ready and willing to pray for each one, to serve each one, to engage in meaningful fellowship, wanting nothing more than to share in our mutual delight in the Lord Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit, as together we are Jesus‘ bride. 

To pursue peace in this way is supernatural and goes beyond what each individual offers. God provided his church so that each one would have a place to go to meet needs and to have needs met.

The range of personalities and maturity runs the full gamut. The triune God’s presence is what enables each of his people to successfully navigate through all the diversity and land at unity. He provides the opportunities and guides your words as you consider the needs you are listening for.

You are thankful for and patient with others as you point them to the Lord to depend upon, trust, and find strength in him, not in yourself or in one another. Quite the countercultural gathering!

“This is my purpose I will make: your well-being, I will seek with all my heart.” Psalm 122:9

Singing Psalm 122 to truly love as you pursue peace in God’s house

“For Jerusalem‘s well-being intercede and pray for peace: all the ones who truly love you, may they prosper and increase. Peace and safety be within your walls and towers.” Psalm 122:6-7

People will sometimes unwittingly insult you, misunderstand you, ignore you, and even convince themselves that they are loving you by telling you that you’d be better off worshiping God elsewhere! 

Your trust in and love for God is tested as you pursue peace in these instances. You swallow your pride, resist being offended, and love through these foibles and snafus that the devil hopes to no avail that these indiscretions will keep you from God’s house.

You are looking toward the perfect place he has prepared for you and all his people in the new Jerusalem. Therefore, you pursue peace as you overlook much, rising above evil’s arrows. 

You pursue peace as you love with a short memory of wrongs against you. You pursue peace as you love with a long memory of friends whose earnest counsel directs your mind and heart to be stayed on the Lord Jesus and what he endured for you.

The church is counsel and counseling if Ephesians 4 speaks truly. Life-changing truth and love is our calling.

May 12, 2022


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