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Singing Psalm 15 for help to be confident

Ever think about the person you now want to become, if it were possible? “O Lord, who shall sojourn in your tent? Who shall dwell on your holy hill?”

It is only because the Lord is willing to turn your heart to care for others more than yourself that you can be confident in your answers to these questions.

Be confident at the dawn of life

Before getting dressed in the morning, you clothe yourself with Christ as he carries you through the day motivating you to do the work that he prepared in advance for you to do.

As you approach his throne of grace, you can be confident as you share what’s on your heart, confess, ask for forgiveness, accept forgiveness, ask for guidance, move forward and enjoy the work trusting that, even if no one else sees it, it is changing you, and the fact that it is changing you enables you to potentially bless someone else and is glorifying to God. 

This is what makes getting out of bed each day worth it. Working with you in these details is part of how God makes his home with you and makes getting out of bed each day possible.

Be confident during life’s mid-day flashbacks

You can be confident even as you look back at past setbacks, challenges, failures and regrets and see his hand shaping your heart, thoughts, feelings, words, and actions, as you are continually communicating with him.

I don’t have to look back far to find thoughts that I think that are not glorifying God: people-pleasing, people-annoying, people-addicting, or people avoiding thoughts. I strive to immediately make those thoughts obedient to Christ by thinking about his person and work and come to him, run to him, in my mind.

I am almost never more alone than in a group of people, and the larger the group, the more alone. But Jesus takes me by the hand, brings me joyfully to worship him with his church each Lord’s day and sometimes gives me the hand of another to take hold of. Then I get to point someone else to him. He carries me to prayer meetings where I can silently or aloud commune deeply with him for the good of others. I get time with whomever he directs me to or whomever he directs to me. I trust him for this. He knows my frame. He knows my past. He knows my present. He knows my future. He leads this sheep who goes astray, as a good shepherd with gentleness. He is Gentleness. He is changing me from aloof and disengaged to gushing over him in requited love and is making me able to love others.

You are his if you strive to trust him with everything down to the deepest thought level, and he gives you access to run to him moment-by-moment with whatever makes you weary and burdened. Remember, you don’t have to run far since he has made his home within you by his Holy Spirit together with his Father. Heaven will be placed in you while on this earth before you will be placed in the new heavens and the new earth.

Be confident at the dusk of life

God determines my steps, though he calls me to plan ahead as if I will be here for the duration of a normal lifespan.

As I mark my calendar, especially for events that are well beyond today, maybe I don’t get to attend that event, meet that friend, do that task, or work on that article. It may be that before that time I fall asleep in Jesus and awaken to something totally new. Your time here is in his good hands whether long or short.

Knowing this, how long will you put off meditating on God’s word, making plans on how you will rely on Jesus knowing he has done the hard part and carries you to make it easy for you to be confident to follow him and his way?

Singing Psalm 15 for help to be confident

Singing psalms like this is a powerful way to partner with the Holy Spirit to transform your feelings and doubts into confidence that what is impossible for men is possible with God.

“He who does these things shall never be moved.” ~ Psalm 15:5b

Began: April 2, 2022 

Completed and published: April 4, 2022


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