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Singing Psalm 19 to be without a word

Singing Psalm 19 to be taught without a word

As Creator, the Lord set all things in place to be perfectly suited to your needs. He made the sun thrilled to run its daily race without a word as an athlete joyfully prepared. Nothing outdoors can hide from its heat.

What image is more filled with hope and glory than that of a bridegroom emerging from his room? He has prepared and has plans for life together with his bride. He made the sun to emerge this way so that you can do whatever it is you get to do under the sun each day. 

The Lord is majestic but also lowly and gentle for your good so that you can hide in him and not from him. He knows your frame. He is rich in mercy. Your maker is your husband, the glorious bridegroom of his bride, the church.

Singing Psalm 19 to live without a word

As Covenant-Head, God, the Father plans that your life be under his perfect law of love that Jesus fulfilled perfectly for you, that the Holy Spirit breathed into you to fill your heart, enlighten your eyes, revive your soul, and that brings great and pure delight and reward for those who live by it.

You desire it more than gold. It is sweeter than honey. It is written on your heart.

Singing Psalm 19 to be free without a word

As Redeemer, he keeps you from hidden stain, from sins you commit without a word. He prevents them from ruling within you so that you are completely blameless in his sight. He is your rock and your redeemer of truth that sets you free. He guides your inmost thoughts and makes the words you utter pleasing to him. You win over those who don’t believe the word without a word by your respectful and pure conduct.

“Be not rash with your mouth, nor let your heart be hasty to utter a word before God, for God is in heaven and you are on earth. Therefore let your words be few.” ~ Ecclesiastes 5:2

What are you focused on?Try stepping outdoors, perhaps without a word.Look up and out.When you come indoors, perhaps without a word,Look into his words.

“In keeping them is great reward.” ~ Psalm 19:11b

January 3-6, 2023


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