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Singing Psalm 3 to know what you can count on without a doubt

In a war, on the battlefield, things can get intense. You have to know what you can absolutely count on without a doubt. If you jump out of an airplane (with a working parachute!), because of the law of gravity, what you can count on is absolutely going down, not up.

Psalm 3 to know what you can count on without a doubt in the face of opposition

When people look at your limited success, poor health, or difficult relationships and say you have no help though you rely on God, they fail to consider that you can be the genuine article and also a work in progress in the hands of your Maker.

Because of Jesus, when you cry out in trust and dependence on the Lord, you can absolutely count on him hearing and answering according to his will. It is a good, pleasing, and perfect will but might not feel that way as your boat hits rocks as it goes down the river making for a bumpy ride along with way.

Though God’s favor cannot be discerned from your outward success or ease of living, you can know without a doubt that God is pleased when you continue to trust him in your work, in your activities, and in your suffering. Because he is with his people, none need to be afraid of those who oppose or threaten them.

You can count on his help without a doubt to establish you in work, guide your times, your relationships, and end the suffering or give endurance through it. You can know that he will hear each and every one of his people who cry out to him trusting him and depending on him in the face of opposition of any kind.

Singing Psalm 3 to know what you can count on without a doubt when rescue is needed

When you ask the Lord to rise and save you, he will subdue your every enemy and deliver you from each one. He works salvation as he will. You trust him for how he chooses to save you. You know when you seek him, you can count on his reward without a doubt.

You can count on enjoying your closeness to him without a doubt, even when others doubt you or doubt that the Lord is with you. You want everyone you know to enjoy this closeness to him that will sustain their lives because God is love.

He longs to be gracious to his people, each and every one of them. He has compassion on you and is with you in your boat through every bump, twist, and turn, leading you along the water of the river of life.

You look for his blessing in the midst of your trials, that he has blessing for his people through discomfort, misunderstandings, ill health, financial distress, a lack of real and vulnerable friends, when battling with yourself, your thoughts, your past, present, and future, when you are surrounded by strife on every side and within.

You trust that when you lay down, sleep, and wake again, it is because the Lord sustains your life. You know you can count on him to sustain your life without a doubt even through death as he did for Jesus when he raised him from the dead.

You are following Jesus, your good shepherd. You know you can count on him without a doubt to rescue you in this life, through death and into a sustained life without end.

July 9, 2022


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