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Singing Psalm 43 for hope when you are feeling rejected

Singing Psalm 43 when feeling rejected you find out that rejection is temporary

Yesterday you were shunned, chastised, impoverished, feeling rejected, uninvited, and unfriended.

Today you are welcomed to not only attend but be a guest of honor. All your debts are canceled. You enter into a decorated feast complete with the finest fellowship. You are embraced as you dance with your beloved to the most excellent music.

You went from pauper to prince or princess overnight. You were parched and dry as in a famine. Now every sense is filled with delightful sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and you are given the right hand of fellowship.

Such a 180 degree turn is experienced by all those oppressed who trust in Jesus, who long to make their home with the triune God.

Singing Psalm 43 when feeling rejected you find out that you can outlast the thoughts and emotions that rejection brings

As you endure trials, you might be feeling rejected by those who you thought loved you and even by God himself in the middle of intense pain. You were made to talk with your Father, and so you simply switch positions from the self-reliant room that you might be in right now. 

You move to another room within the house of your mind’s eye, or better yet outdoors where you can look up and see perhaps clouds but no ceiling. You perceive the heavens are far beyond what can be seen. You open up to him that you are feeling rejected and bring him your questions, concerns, fears, and doubts. 

Although you question him, God answers you with hope. He is not daunted or put off that you are feeling rejected. You remember that he was rejected both by you and for you. You look forward to praising him again. 

By faith, you take possession of him who is your God and your sure salvation. You can see and taste his goodness by faith that will one day be by sight. 

Until then, you eagerly await the return of the bridegroom when he comes for his bride. He will take you to the wedding feast he has been preparing for you as a part of his bride, his church. 

He will leave nothing to be desired that will not be filled to overflowing. You respond with tears of joy that he sees you as pure, lovely, and completely desirable.

Singing Psalm 43 when feeling rejected you find out that rejection turns into acceptance and sweetens it

What will be completed when Jesus returns has already begun as God sends his light and truth to lead you to himself. He has become your exceeding joy amidst sorrow and suffering. 

You see your sin and are grieved, but you no longer are feeling rejected. You believe him when he said that those who mourn are blessed for they shall be comforted. 

Though you are not yet comforted you are blessed in your mourning for knowing that you indeed will be comforted. You believe that he rewards you as you seek him. This pleases him more than you know.

You are seeking Jesus, the light of the world. No one and nothing can hold a candle to the light of the world!

June 3, 2022


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