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Singing Psalm 55 for anxiety prevention

Singing Psalm 55 for anxiety prevention when by yourself

Betrayal. Is there anything worse than to misplace your trust in someone? Only being the betrayer is worse.

When you go over in your mind how the disloyalty came about, singing Psalm 55 will clue you in that there is one who understands and is with you in it.

Spiritual forces of doubt tempt you to be leery about trusting God to bring about good for you and your loved ones. You want to escape from where God has you. As you sing Psalm 55 you know it is safe to tell him every detail.

Enemies and even false friends are no match for the Lord. He is aware of them from afar and not surprised by them. He is certainly not afraid of them. You have every reason to trust his protection for you against them. You are under his wings and therefore need not fear them nor be surprised by them either. He is your anxiety prevention plan!

The sane way amidst the insanity all around you is to do your best and leave the results to God. He will subdue his and your enemies either by turning them into friends or keeping them from harming you ultimately. No suffering here can outweigh what God has in store for those who love him and are willing to wait for him.

Take it one day at a time, one moment at a time. When you realize that grace is apportioned as needed and is not given to store up in advance, trust increases and worry decreases.

To consider the one who cares for you as greater than the care he gives you is to be free from anxiety. You know that every worry you cast onto him will be heard and processed well and that he will reward you for your dependence on him in due time.

Singing Psalm 55 for anxiety prevention when around others

The crowds are fickle. One moment they want to worship you and the next stone you. Recognize triumph and disaster as the imposters that they are. Moment-by-moment dependence on the one worthy of worship is what protects you with anxiety prevention moment-by-moment from words that can sting like stones.

Struggle in prayer for those under duress. Remember and be thankful for those whose faith you borrowed when you didn’t have it yourself.

You pray for them to be resilient, to have the foresight to know evil’s end. You pray for them to have the ability to laugh at future cares and to be anchored on the rock that won’t budge.

Each person is a moving target, not that you’re trying to shoot them, but just to have a relationship with one is an unsteady thing that you must be prepared for. You yourself are also moving.

In light of this, you anchor yourself on the rock that isn’t moving. Only then can you weather whatever storms come as people live in their pleasantries and vicissitudes, as they will. When the shift in personality or plans happen, you will not be surprised or taken unawares, but neither will you be fatalistic.

Rather, you will have compassion on a fellow wavering human being. You are following the one who made you, remembering the compassion he has on you. Though all around you is unsettled, you are grounded in him and secure.

Singing Psalm 55 for anxiety prevention as you consider your home with God that begins here and now stretching through death into all eternity

It’s not: ‘You’re out here on your own, trying to do what would please God.’ Let’s get the order of things right. God has made his home with you. You start out with anxiety prevention from a place of security at home with him, the true God, Father, Son,  and Holy Spirit.

From home base, he sent you out as an emissary to do whatever good he has prepared in advance for you to do. As you are here doing that, he is in as close a relation with you as if you were sitting together in your home. And, in a way, you are even closer, because he has entrusted you with whatever good you could do while you are here in his name.

And you entrust to him what you have committed to do in his name each day. He knows how much you want for people to love him, to seek his face, to be dependent upon him, and to not think that they are out on their own with everything on their shoulders.

You want those you love to know that they can come to Jesus and learn from him who is gentle and humble in heart and find rest for their souls. You know from depending on him that his yoke is easy and his burden is light. And you want anxiety prevention for them as well.

You thank your Father for this mission, for this love, and for the oneness that you can have with him, for the security, for the comfort and even for the discomfort.

As you go out into battle, fully equipped with the armor of God, you know that whether you live or whether you die, you have victory in Christ. And you praise him for that.

The way you will be with God in the new order traces back to what your connection should look like now and how that ought to influence the way you interact with others. Your home base is somewhere greater.

You have been entrusted as an ambassador here to proclaim him, yet your home is with your master who sent you for a time, is with you presently, and will surely come for you to take you to your permanent home at just the right time.

Meanwhile you can bear it when even close friends and family misunderstand you or even reject you. Because you are at home with your maker now, you are able to rise above even that.

If you knew there was a person who would help you with every single thing, who is both willing and able to do this, and all you had to do was ask, wouldn’t you ask?

This person is available to you at any time just for the asking and there would be no cost for this help. Would you not take him up on it? The key is knowing that the Lord is faithful and that he cares. This is who he is. Anxiety prevention ultimately comes from knowing that it is impossible for him to be unfaithful and uncaring.

I pray that you and as many as possible would know that God is such a person, and not just one person but three persons, each person willing and able to help. May you always take him up on anxiety prevention with reverence and gratitude, with whole-hearted thanks, praising him every moment.

May you trust him to bring each one of his people home with him at just the right time. May we continue to intercede for one another alongside the Lord Jesus who intercedes for each one of his people always.

Picture this: You encounter a big, muscular dog who could have mauled you and killed you while on a walk. Instead he went away after you told him to go home. You thank God for his anxiety prevention, for helping you not to be afraid, and for giving you trust in him.

But even if it went the other way, you would have never left the Lord’s presence, and he would never have left yours. He has a new, immortal body to give you. You will receive it at just the right time.

There truly is no reason to be afraid. But even if you are afraid, he has compassion on you in your fear as well. This is your peace: having the God of peace with you.

“Cast your burden on the Lord,

    and he will sustain you;

he will never permit

    the righteous to be moved.” ~ Psalm 55:22

May 5, 2022


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