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Singing Psalm 63 to grasp what is better than life

Singing Psalm 63 to grasp with your mind what is better than life

Your life with God can be cherished beyond anything even amid murderous threats and lies that might surround you. As a matter of course, he keeps you safely within him as a baby is satisfied for many months within his mother’s womb, happy to be there, not feeling imprisoned while being nourished and protected there. 

It is a matter of course you accept and expect his provision because of who God is and because you trust him, that no matter the threat of the moment, you will be delivered from it.

It pleases God that you trust him to reward your faith in him, that you don’t fear those who can destroy the body. You are putting all your hope in the one who has power over body and soul. You are following the lamb who before his shearers was silent, who did not open his mouth. You can conceive of something better than life.

Singing Psalm 63 to grasp in your body what is better than life

As far as it depends on you, as acts of gratitude for the one who gifted it to you, you care well for your body, giving it rest, water, food, and exercise, so that you can use it to do the work that God prepared in advance for you to do, whatever that is. You hope to be a blessing to others in their spirits, souls, and bodies.

You wouldn’t think of voluntarily placing your body (or anyone else’s) in harm’s way for no good reason or to fill it with poison. Because you were bought with the blood of Jesus, you belong to him. You are not your own. Like a baby in the womb, you don’t perceive this dependence as a negative. You sense something better than life.

Your identity is not in your body (or in anyone else’s.) Rather, it is in the one who made it. You entrust it to him. There’s nothing anyone can do to ultimately hurt you. Destroy this body, and it will be raised up again because Jesus is the resurrection and the life, and you are following him.

Singing Psalm 63 to grasp with your emotions what is better than life

Whereas before, if someone were to speak negatively about you behind your back, and you found out about it, you would be incensed. Now that you know the Lord has your back, your reputation is no longer paramount. You can take negative gossip about you in stride, matter-of-factly, because your eye is not on what others think of you, but on what the Lord thinks of you. 

You strive to be gentle and kind in word and in heart to all people because this honors God as it sows and waters seeds that he can make grow. Because the Lord thinks about you so much, you are free to think about him and others, no longer burdened with an overabundance of thoughts about yourself. You feel something better than life.

Singing Psalm 63 to grasp what is better than life

Even what falls through the cracks of the justice system he will make right.

Psalms 56, 118, and Romans 8 rhetorically ask what singing Psalm 63 answers: What can man do to me? Stephen displays the answer in Acts 7 as he falls asleep in Jesus with joy. His body awaits restoration and beyond to immortality. His presence with Jesus doesn’t skip a beat.

Your sure answer to that question can be like Stephen’s would be if it was posed to him. What can man do to you? Nothing harmful that God won’t reverse, even if it kills you.

“Because your steadfast love is better than life,

    my lips will praise you.” ~ Psalm 63:3

April 26, 2022


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