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Singing Psalm 80 it’s worth the wait

Singing Psalm 80 it’s worth the wait wading through the wrongs

The triune God gave you a life where wrongs are on their way to being redeemed even as they happen. Knowing this, you can look ahead to the transformation convinced it’s worth the wait. It’s like a child who can wade through the peas knowing that the dessert is worth the wait.

When in a conflict, picture catching the words from the other person like a ball thrown toward you and immediately casting it onto the Lord who pours down just the right blessing in just the right measure for both of you according to the needs.

He is the God of armies who fights for his people to win his favor by turning their hearts to himself instilling meekness where combativeness was. Jesus takes hearts of stone and remakes them into hearts of flesh and promises that anyone born of water and the Spirit will enter the kingdom of God.

Singing Psalm 80 it’s worth the wait enduring through the sufferings

When you think of water, you might think you have a sense of control over its use. Sometimes you feel rejuvenated after a shower energized to get to the day’s activities. Your thirst might be quenched or you might use it to play in, to swim in, or to get clean.

You might be pelted with hard rain as conflicts continuously barrage your soul. Like in flood waters rising, you might be drowning in sorrows and sufferings of one kind or another. Jesus promises that in this life you will have trouble. Things won’t necessarily go as you would like them to. You might not yet be the person you hoped to become. Knowing this, you can prepare yourself to be alright with it when your will is crossed.

But whether the trouble is from outside of you or from within, you can take heart because Jesus has overcome the world both inside and out. Submitting to Jesus, he frees you to ride in a boat without holes on a river ultimately leading you to a place without suffering. 

Trials are bearable if you remember that they aren’t static but part of a moving continuum. The Lord is moving you to a glorious destination on the river of life that is worth the wait with peaks and valleys along the way. He enables you to enjoy the ride even through a river of tears.

Singing Psalm 80 it’s worth the wait landing home where all is right

Walking in the Spirit of Jesus, you can perceive that he has been with you wherever you have gone. He has led you to where you are now. He is leading you to wherever you will go. You don’t know exactly where the next steps are taking you. He settles you to be fine with the unknowns. It’s worth the wait knowing that your good shepherd knows. He is leading his sheep to green pastures and still waters even through the valley of the shadows of death.

Those who are seeking riches or fame might or might not get them in this life, but those who seek the Lord will surely find him. You don’t have to fear anything that is frightening because you can trust that he will reward you for seeking him with himself. And he is the very greatest reward turning everything on its head.

Those rich in material things might just be poor if that is their only treasure. Those who are poor in stuff might be rich if their treasure is in things above. Search the names of those preaching “the prosperity gospel.” You can avoid wolves in sheep’s clothing by following the Lord Jesus who did not go after gaining worldly wealth but in losing his life, he found it not only for himself but for all who would follow him.

Finding and having the triune God as your God is your success, your riches, your only hope.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” ~ Romans 12:2

Singing Psalm 80 you are reminded three times that when God shines his face upon you, you will be saved. Saved from yourself, the penalty of your sins is marked ‘paid-in-full’ by the Lord Jesus. When he brings you out of darkness into his wonderful light, nothing is the same. No matter how long and twisted a journey you have had, it will have been worth the wait.

It’s worth the wait that the vinedresser has great plans for his vine, spiritual Israel, his church, as he plants, prunes, and uproots it for replanting in the best soil where it can grow and live perfectly right. He turns his people from evil to do good with no dead branches.

The Father designated that Jesus become the vine who makes it so his branches won’t wander from him but instead live in him.

When Jesus speaks of living water that he would give his people so that they would never thirst, he is speaking of the Holy Spirit. Ask him for this living water and expect that nothing will be the same as the triune God so completely satisfies you.

Jesus is directing his people, his church, his bride, to their forever home with him together with the Father and the Holy Spirit that is more than you could ask or imagine and well worth the wait.

“Lay Your hand on him You favored,Son of man that You raised in strength.Then from you we will not wander;Make us live; we will call Your name.O Lord God of Armies, turn us back;Shine Your face on us, we’ll be saved!” ~ Psalm 80:17-19

October 22-28, 2022


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