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Singing Psalm 9 for comfort when oppressed

Singing Psalm 9 to ask for comfort when oppressed

Singing Psalm 9 brings you to ask the Lord to thwart the plans of those who would oppress people whom they consider less than themselves: the unborn, those who look different than they do, those with less education/money/opportunity, the elderly. You desire for them to be rescued, to have comfort when oppressed.

You implore God to break down the projects of those who would make/keep it legal to place their lust for power loving war or for sex making a mockery of marriage or for murder of those they find inconvenient to have around. 

You seek for him to move them to use their power to defend the needs of the oppressed to help them find comfort when oppressed. You knock that he would inspire their minds to agree with God who created sex, that it would be a covenant expression of love between a man and a woman who are married to each other and a means of grace to bring about new life to love and care for.

You beckon the matchless triune God to help you point the oppressors to himself, that they would be saved from themselves, released from the clutches of the supernatural oppressor, Satan, and his ways of sin that lead to death.

You cry out that he would help them to see how they are nothing more than his puppets, ensnared and oppressed themselves. May they come out of hiding and turn that they too would have comfort when oppressed.

Singing Psalm 9 to wait for comfort when oppressed

You continue to beseech the LORD: ‘Is there anything good that you have created that we have not somehow twisted and turned to become an evil attempt to satisfy ourselves independent of you?’

There are far reaching consequences for wives who usurp their husbands’ authority and for husbands and all others who usurp God’s authority.

You entreat the Lord to please supply what he requires that you might fulfill his ways and honor him above all. You beg him to help his people not to take delight in anything that doesn’t please him, that they would rely on him for comfort when oppressed.

It seems as you wait that God has forgotten you.

Yet he draws you back to him in dependence. You trust he will provide you comfort when oppressed as you sing: ‘the cry of the poor never fades from his ear’ and ‘forgotten no longer the cause of the weak, nor perished forever the hope of the meek!’

You know that the everlasting joy of his presence will far outweigh the sufferings of this life. When you see every wrong made right, you will no longer need faith. 

No one who puts his trust in the Lord will ultimately be oppressed. You thank him with all your heart that all who depend on him will be comforted at last and evermore.

“The Lord reigns forever;

    he has established his throne for judgment.

He rules the world in righteousness

    And judges the peoples with equity.

The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed,

    a stronghold in times of trouble.

Those who know your name trust in you,

    for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.“ ~ Psalm 9:7-10

April 28, 2022


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