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Singing Psalm 92 for undivided devotion

Singing Psalm 92 to move toward undivided devotion

Singing Psalm 92 connects you to God emotionally as you learn of a mature faith, a rich, resilient thankfulness that laser focuses on the Lord’s goodness and tells of his love and faithfulness continually. Though all around the singer are those who aim to do him wrong, he is not distracted in his praise. 

His trust in the Lord’s repayment of evil releases him from trying to avenge himself. The Lord is faithful. Worthy of your undivided devotion, he is both just and merciful. He will repay the evil of the perpetrators or it is repaid by Jesus on behalf of repentant perpetrators, on behalf of all who trust him.

Singing Psalm 92 to remove obstacles of undivided devotion

Singing Psalm 92 you confidently ask the Lord to destroy, make fall, and scatter your enemies: sin, Satan, death. You beseech him to slay these in all those who practice evil, that they would be as you now are: dead to sin, alive to righteousness in Christ, slain in Jesus.

Once living a new life in Christ, dead to your old self, you are now shored up by the triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, whose force cannot be overcome. Once dead to your old self, you can enjoy swimming in the depths of each thought the Lord reveals with undivided devotion. Every new thought of his that you embrace sweeps away obstacles making your unwavering allegiance firm.

Singing Psalm 92 to anchor undivided devotion

With a rebirth in Christ, you are no longer senseless, devoid of knowledge, or unable to understand truth. Though evil might be all around you at the moment, the Lord, your anchor, is overriding it, keeping your boat from being tossed to and fro by these winds and waves. 

There’s room in that boat for countless more as you sow the seed of his goodness, bearing fruit even when old, proclaiming the Lord’s uprightness, and counting no wrong in him! He is restoring all things, making all things new, and once you know it, you hold steady in undivided devotion to the Lord.

“But you, O Lord, are on high forever.” ~ Psalm 92:8

April 25, 2022


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