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Thanksgiving is a holiday made to thank God for all he has given us. It started the Fall of 1612, when the pilgrims had a good crop and Governor Bradford called for a three-day feast which we now remember as the first Thanksgiving. The feast was attended by pilgrims and Indians. They ate turkey, succotash, beans, corns, and venison at the feast.

There are several dishes we eat for Thanksgiving. Nowadays, the most popular dishes are turkey, the staple food, bread, soup, salad, corn, apple pie, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes. Turkey can be prepared by being brined, cooked, and then pouring gravy on it.

I like Thanksgiving because of the food, family, and games. I am happy President Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a national holiday. I am thankful that Thanksgiving is a holiday made to thank God.

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