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Break free

This list simply categorizes the ways we go wrong with people (fake, fight, forward, flight) but doesn’t delve deep into how we go wrong with God, ourselves, and things, though it touches upon them. We can find many things to do that are against the law to try to make ourselves feel better, but we can ask God to give us his Spirit and his Spirit’s fruit. Here is the list that we want to pray to practice: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. These are what we need to go right relationally, and against these there is no law!

Surprisingly, the answer to relational woes isn’t finding a way to somehow have lots of friends. The answer is relational though. Cry out to your maker, know that he cares for you, and get your identity from being made in his image. He has given us in his word everything we need to know – what we need to know about him and about ourselves and others.

Your identity doesn’t consist in the abundance or the quality of your possessions, achievements, or relationships as Kevin Love so aptly writes in ‘To Anybody Going Through It.’ Your identity consists of being made in his image and gets defined by degrees the more you trust Jesus with life, the closer and the longer you walk with him, listen to him, talk with him, and learn from him. We operate best when we are imitating those aspects of him that are possible for us to imitate.

This website points you to learn who will be present with you for the asking and the only one who can ultimately help you learn how to ‘get it’ and how to get on the true path step-by-step.

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