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The next way we can go wrong is people-annoyer. The secular object relations theory label for this is called social incompetence. I know, ouch. You fight. You are angry because you want to be God, and since God is God and you are not, you are angry at him for assuming the position that you so desperately covet. Never mind that he had that position for all eternity and will into infinity. It’s not rational, but it’s how you go wrong with number two on the list.

Why are we incompetent socially? Because only God is competent to fill that position. We fight, discontent with being who we are under God and next to other people. We want to usurp God and be over other people rather than learning to appreciate being under God and being with other people where we can give from the gifts we’ve been given and receive from the gifts others have been given, all in gratitude to God. Well that’s how it ought to be, but when we insist on being top dog, or when we are angry that we are not the top dog, we go wrong in this way being socially incompetent, a people-annoyer, or we fight. Three ways of saying it.

“Anger is against God because he is the one who directs the details of our lives. In fact, in our anger and outrage, we have decided that we want to be God rather than submit to him.” (Ed Welch)

This website points you to learn who will be present with you for the asking and the only one who can ultimately help you learn how to get free by getting on the path to truth step-by-step.

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