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The last on the list of how you go wrong relationally is people-avoider. In secular object relations theory parlance, it is called alienation. Or for short, we can call it flight. This is where you are tired of all of the drama, all of the misunderstandings, all of the previous three ways of going wrong, and you see no alternative but to withdraw. You perhaps are not a hermit, but you will not let others know what you really think, you will not initiate communication in any form, and you will seldom reply when others initiate. You become alternately anxious and depressed because you are looking within yourself for answers and only finding more unanswered questions and emptiness.

Ever separate yourself someone because they failed to fully satisfy? We are all broken cisterns that can hold no water. Each of us fails at being God to any one of us. Jesus satisfies. That’s it. Anywhere else you look is a dead end. Just ask the Rolling Stones if you don’t believe me. See the details of how Jesus is the only one you can expect full satisfaction from here.

This website points you to learn who will be present with you for the asking and the only one who can ultimately help you learn how to get free by getting on the path to truth step-by-step.

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