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The first way that you can go wrong on this list, is people-pleaser. In secular object relations theory lingo, this points to egocentrism. It’s ironic because although you want others think well of you, you are not being true to yourself. Although you hate the idea of ever manipulating others, we can’t help ourselves from spinning situations to our own perceived advantage when we are in this mode. You are phony. You are like a chameleon. You will change anything to please anyone, at any time, even those you don’t like, because you are looking for acceptance from people. You are looking for praise from people rather than from God. You think that when people are happy with you, you will feel better. You will avoid pain for yourself. Really, this title is a misnomer more than the next three. Though it’s called ‘people-pleasing’ you really only want to please yourself ultimately but it never quite works out. There is a right way to go about pleasing others. But this, it’s all about me. Hence the term egocentrism, otherwise known as people-pleasing, or, for short, fake.

This website points you to learn who will be present with you for the asking and the only one who can ultimately help you learn how to get free by getting on the path to truth step-by-step.

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