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The Adequacy of God

Thought from Romans 8:

  1. No opposition can finally crush us

  2. No good thing will finally be withheld from us

  3. No accusation can ever disinherit us

  4. No separation from Christ’s love can ever befall us

Communicates the adequacy of God as our:

  1. Sovereign Protector

  2. Sovereign Benefactor

  3. Sovereign Champion

  4. Sovereign Keeper (Assurance)

Counters our fear of:

  1. Opposition among men

  2. Privation among men

  3. Rejection by God

  4. Separation from God

Communicates the decisiveness of:

His covenant commitment to us

His redeeming work for us

His justifying verdict upon us

His divine love in settling our destiny

Compiled from Knowing God, J.I. Packer, Chapter 22, Inter-varsity Press, 1973

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